Monday, February 11, 2013

A bit of Summer

Summer and I have been talking a lot about months of the year and when everybody's birthday is.   I found a little song on youtube that helped her memorize the months.  Today was the first time Summer was able to say all 12 months of the year. :-)  Here is a little video:

She has also been very interested in what happens to her food after she eats it.  Here is her explaining the digestive system ;).

She LOVES to sing and is starting to get a little bit of tone ;).  Here one of her favorites:

She has been doing great on her sticker chart and I am loving it way more than I thought I would.  We are in our third week of doing it.  I love that I can give her tangible encouragement when she does something right (she gets stickers for obedience and for being nice to Colton).  I love that it teaches her counting and the days of the week.  Most of all, I love that it helps me focus on all the great things she is currently doing instead of only noticing the "bad" things she does.  

Well, that's a little bit of Summer for you on this super cold and windy winter day.  Hope she brightens your day as much as she does mine :).


Jill said...

Oh, I am still chuckling! Yes, this definitely is the bright spot of this cold, blustery day. I love this whole post, but the "POOP" at the end of the digestive system explanation takes the cake! Good job, Summer. I love you, Punky Poo!!

The O'Connor Family said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Good job Summer, you definitely made me smile! :)

The Mac-Trans said...

She is such a camera-star! ;) Good job, Summer (& Kel!)

The Baum Family said...

Oh my goodness, what a ham!!!! She is so full of personality. Love it!!!

tiffany said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog and peeking over your shoulder as a mama a bit. Few things bless my heart than to see husband and wife raising their kids to love Jesus and love others. You and Paul are doing a great job through Christ and I am come away blessed after every post.

Amber @ Mommy's Me Time said...

Summer describing what happens to her food totally cracked me up! LOL! So stinkin' cute!

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