Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good Times Park

We recently got a membership for the next two months to Good Times Park, an amazing indoor playground, reading room, giant bouncer, basketball court, soccer field, giant block area, etc that just opened this year.  For only $28 a month, we gain an access code that allows us to enter the giant, un-staffed, indoor park anytime, from 7am-9pm and burn off energy, especially when it is negative temperatures, windy, icey, and gross outside!  They have an area with picnic tables, so we can bring in packed lunches and/or dinners to treat it just like an outdoor park.  To me, this is an ingenious for Minnesota winters!  This past week we went twice!  Here are a few pictures...

Summer loves the massive "spider web"

Colton does too...he is such a daredevil and wants to go straight to the top.  It makes me nervous!

Colton loves running and kicking in the soccer area

Colton running and kicking....

Summer climbing on the "path" she created in the giant block area

Colton playing in the giant block area

Here are some videos of the bouncy area:

If you live in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend you check out Good Times Park during this freezing January!  Thank you to my friend Jade to tell us about it!


Jill said...

Wow, what a great idea for a cold climate like ours. I wish those types of things had been invented when I had young children. For less than a dollar a day you can use all of that equipment! Ingenious!

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