Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random fun and learning

Doing our giant letter puzzle

Both kids love combing and doing mommy's hair.  Summer took this picture :)
Daddy grilled out burgers and chicken in the snow

Auntie Kristin had the day off work on Monday for Martin Luther King Day and asked if she could come play!!!  Here she and Summer are playing "Auntie Kristin's Wedding" in Summer's doll house.

Colton wanted to play "Trouble" so we made it into a color matching game and he loved it!

Playing Barnyard Bingo with Colton and practicing colors and matching

"Racing" from their "start lines" to find and jump on the letter I say :)

Here are random some videos...

Colton playing football with Daddy

Verse of the Week: Psalm 56:3  The past two weeks Colton has wanting to do the verse of the week with us, so he will now be included in the videos ;)  He loves to say whose turn it is is to state the verse :). 

Practicing Colton's Counting: He can count 1 -13 regularly by himself when he is not being video-ed :)

Our Patriotic Summer:  She usually says the pledge of allegiance and then follows it by singing My Country Tis of Thee, but today I guess she decided to set the pledge to music...

Colton likes to follow in his sister's steps and put on shows now too...quite the entertainment at our house...

 Summer "jump" spelling names on the big letter puzzle

The kids entertained themselves for a good half an hour creating big piles of pillows and jumping into them off of step stools.  Here is the beginning jump before the pile of pillows grew...

Well, that's my photo and video dump for the week!  In between paragraphs I am currently naming places in the house for the kids to "run" to "as fast as they can"  to get some of their energy out ;)  They then come back to me looking for the next place to run.   I think we will be making a run to Good Times Park this afternoon :).  I had to laugh when Colton literally ran a lap around his room in between putting each article of clothing on this morning!!!  I could tell it took everything in him to hold his wiggly self still just long enough to put his socks on and then he was off and running again! 


Jill said...

Love this! Such fun to get these glimpses into the busy Tommerdahl household. The kiddos are such happy, energetic and creative kiddos. Good job parenting them, Kelly and Paul!

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