Wednesday, January 15, 2014

School Stuff-- Colton letters and Summer writing

Tonight while our crock pot cooked dinner, and we waited for daddy to come home in his very snowy commute, we had school at the kitchen table.  Colton and I worked on his flashcard letters and sounds (at his request--he asked to get them out and do them!) and Summer finished up writing her Christmas thank you notes (at my request ;) ).

Colton quizzing himself on his flashcards

Summer thinking about what letter to make next ( I would write the words for her on a separate piece of paper and then she would copy them)

I love her concentration!

Here are a few of her finished notes.  Because they take her so long, I had her make a "template" in her own handwriting that said : "Dear _____       Thank you for the ______ . I love you.  Summer.  "  Then we made copies of it and she filled in the names and gifts.  If we hadn't have done that, we still wouldn't be done!  I am proud of her persistence though, and it really was a great way for her to practice writing her letters, seeing how words are made, and learning gracious thank you-note etiquette :)
This is how she sounded out "Grandpa" earlier today...GPU.  It's one of the first words she has sounded out on her own and I am proud of her!  She told me that Grandpa must have a "U" because he has an "UH" in his name :)  Makes sense to me!

Here is a video of Colton saying his letters and their sounds.  He gets messed up on E and F, but does the rest of the letters pretty quickly.  My favorite parts of this video?  The C is for "Colton-buddy" and watching his little chubby fingers as he thinks...:-)


The Baum Family said...

His little voice is the sweetest! ❤️

Kristin Bjorklund said...

I'm in love!!! His precious little voice sounds even "older" just since Christmas week! Can't wait to see the babies on Monday!

The O'Connor Family said...

Your kids are so smart! You do such a great job teaching them, Kel! Love his little voice and sounds!

Jill said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! Is this kid just the cutest thing ever?? He's 21 months and he knows all of his letter names and sounds! That little voice just melts my heart! (And, I love Summer in the background saying she will be right back since she has to go to the bathroom. Way to capture reality.) :)

tiffany said...

Maybe the sweetest video ever! Thanks so much for sharing; keep up the good work Mommy!

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