Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Part IV and V - Extended Family Obermayer and Kirkwood gatherings - December 26th-December 30th

It has been a tradition as long as I can remember that my mom's side of the family all gathers on December 27th for Christmas.  While location has changed and number of people has nearly doubled through marriage and kids, I always look forward to reuniting, especially with my cousins.  We grew up together in Chicago and were always very close. 

We normally follow this trip by traveling to Michigan to see my dad's whole side of the family, which I also look forward to just as much!  They are all so close and I have so many wonderful memories with them.  This year, instead of meeting in Michigan, my dad's side met in Chicago at a hotel, which worked out awesome for those of us from Minnesota (less driving) and especially well since the dates worked out to be back-to-back (only one trip to Chicago instead of two). 

We spend the day on the 26th driving down to Chicago.  We got some great time in the hotel pool after naps and before dinner.  On the 27th, we gathered at my Aunt Nancy's with my mom's side.  On the 28th-29th we hung out at the hotel with my dad's side, chatting, playing games, swimming, etc.  We drove home on the 30th.  There were lots of fun pictures taken...I chose a few to post here -- thank you to those family members that took them!

Mommy and Summer swimming - Summer loved showing everyone the new things she has been learning in swimming lessons!

Daddy and Colton swimming - Colton was so excited to be "swimming lessons" too, as he watches Summer every week but doesn't get to go in the pool.  He "swam" back and forth from one side of the pool to the other without tiring, and always wanted to "jump in" each time he reached the side.

Uncle Eric jumped in too!

The three eldest great-grandkids with Gee-Gee Obermayer

My mom's whole side--everyone was there!  Back row: Gee-Gee, Cousin Kendall, Cousin Alison, Kristin, Eric, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Paul, my mom, my dad, Aunt Karol, Uncle Gary.  Front Row: Rowan, Cruz, Roger, Cousin Alison, Cora, Nate, Cousin Amanda, Jade, Me, Colton, Paul, Summer

My dad's whole side -- everyone was there!  Back row: Neale, Cousin Laura, Uncle Scoot, Aunt Brenda, Uncle John, Aunt Lynda, my dad, my mom.  Middle Row: GiGi-ma and GiGi-pa Kirkwood, Cousin Nate.  Front Row: Me, Summer, Paul, Colton, Heather, Lane, Nick, Coleman, Leah, Jenna, Kristin, Eric.

Out for a family walk.

Grandma and Grandpa hanging out with Summer and Colton
So thankful for all of you!  So great to catch up. :)


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