Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day

My Valentine's
 The kids had been talking about our "red" dinner for weeks!  We discussed our menu QUITE a bit, the kids thought of all the red foods they could think of before we shopped and were so excited as they helped set the table and get ready for our Valentine's Day dinner.  We had our red dinner on Friday the 13th this year.

Summer got out the stemware and was so excited to hang up the Valentine's lights

Menu: "Crazy Noodle Night" (mixing all types of pasta) with red sauce, red peppers and cherry tomatos, strawberries/raspberry/pomegranate fruit salad, and bread.

The cupcakes weren't red...but they were so good!  The kids helped make them loved licking the frosting off the beaters.
Blurry picture...but I like remembering where everyone sits right now :)

Drinking red sparkling juice out of the stemware was a definite highlight!

Love these boys faces as they toast ;)
 On Valentine's Day (Saturday), we took the kids to Mall of America to ride on some rides.  It was a fun family evening complete with dinner at (Summer's choice) A&W at the food court.  The kids each got to ride 3 rides (which took a while with all the lines!).

Ride #1 : the trucks
 Ride #2, the bouncer (see video)

Ride #3: the speedy cars (adult necessary)

Daddy went with each kid :)

Mommy cuddled with this lovebug
Larkyn is such an easy going baby and fell asleep for a catnap while the others rode rides.
My parents and my sister/Eric all four requested to babysit for us while Paul and I go on a Valentine's Day date (are we lucky or what?!), so Paul and I are looking forward to our time alone coming up on Saturday the 28th. :)


Jill said...

Aw, what a perfect celebration! Loved hearing Summer's giggles on the bouncer. Couldn't tell what Colton thought. :)

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