Sunday, February 8, 2015

Summer and Daddy Date

Paul here - sorry, but you'll have to put up with my lower quality blogging (what blogging was actually created to be) - Kelly has really turned into quite the author while chronicling our lives, hasn't she?!

Summer and I have been looking forward to our "Daddy / Summer Date" for a number of weeks - deliberation on outfits, matching ties, jewelry, etc were a constant topic of conversation (okay, not just for Summer either...)!

Today that day finally arrived!  We had an absolute blast on our date to Paris!

I love my Summer and couldn't wait to spend this time together.  She is such a little sweetheart and really is a joy to be around.  It's hard to believe she's already 4.5 years old - it's gone so fast!  I jokingly tell her all the time I'm going to squeeze her, hug her, sit on her to stop her from growing!  But each day of seeing her grow is also a true privilege and honor that God has bestowed on us as parents.  I love each of my kids equally - I really do - but it is fun experiencing these "firsts" with her and I look forward to seeing the woman that she will become (but...playing songs like Cinderella and Butterfly Kisses at the dance was totally not fair...this guy may have teared up as she rested her head on my shoulder and we slow-danced...obviously I must have had something in my eye - luckily it went away after those songs and we got back to our swing dancing!)

Traditional pre-date picture by the door

Summer was working on her elbow-out stance - apparently all the cool kids are doing that (?)

We were given a passport to guide us and have stamped at the various activities.

We made it!

Summer thought it would be fun if we both had mustaches since neither of us can grow them in real life.
Punch! (pink, of course)

More elbow-out posing - and snacks - she picked goldfish, yogurt, and fruit snacks. If you're interested, I also chose fruit snacks (nom nom nom...)

Addison was there (sorry, couldn't get a pic of the both of them actually looking with all that was going on)

Entranced by the dance floor!

Decorating our picture frame!

Summer's favorite part - decorating her cupcake.

We took a short trip down the road to the Eiffel tower.

In addition to making a teddy bear doorhang-thingamajig, we received a boa, made a necklace, and also made an intricate bracelet (I guess they wanted us to be our daughters heros, as those little pieces were not easy to thread...)

Riding the princess-led train!

Apparently my big finger was in the way, but this gives a glimpse of the perma-smile that was glued to this girl's face.

Round and round we go!

Back home to show off our boa (and our acquired hip-bend pose)
And now for a series of video highlights from our date:

Learning the chicken dance:

The Hokey Pokey

Loves the food...

Later on...still loving the food...

Dancing "selfie" style

Energy (or cupcake) to burn!

This girl has the moves!

The train

Dancing with the princesses...

More fun

One more, I promise.

Thank you, Summer Tenleigh, for not only our amazing date, but for everything that God has packaged into the little body of yours! I love you!


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Such a special night for you both!

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