Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Cabin Weekend

We all gathered at Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood's cabin for some winter fun this weekend!
Paul on the ATV
Colton was thrilled to go on the ATV for a little ride
Eric and Paul on the ATVs

Cross country skiing on the lake

Grandpa, Paul and Me cross-country skiing

Love this pic of Grandma and Larkyn!


Auntie Kristin took this pic of Larkyn

Making a snowman

Daddy and Larkyn before church on Sunday

Summer and Grandpa

Kids reading books with Grandma and Grandpa
  Some highlights included:
  1. The kids LOVED walking across the frozen lake to the island and exploring (especially the old house with the large fireplace still standing)
  2. The kids LOVED building a snowman and throwing snowballs - it was great "packing" snow.
  3. Paul and I enjoyed ATVing on the lake (my first time driving one!) and Paul taught me how to do sliding donuts :)
  4. My favorite part of the weekend was going out on the lake with my dad and Paul cross-country skiing for the first time - it was a total blast!
  5. My other favorite part of the weekend was playing the game Password with the 6 couples - we were laughing so hard I couldn't stop!
  6. I loved watching the kids aunt/uncle/grandparents love on our kids and our kids having so much fun!
  7. I loved catching up with everyone and just being together. 
Thanks mom and dad for welcoming us all at the cabin and for all the delicious food.  We had so much fun!


The Baum Family said...

Wow! How fun! Looks like so much great family time!

Jill said...

What a blessing to have everyone enjoying the cabin in the beautiful winter scenery. Makes my heart happy. Love you all.

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