Saturday, January 31, 2015

Colton: Done with Naps & Learning to Button

Colton is very perseverent and determined to button his shirt all by himself!
Colton is officially done with of two weeks ago!  Sweet boy would stay in his bed and play with his stuffed animals and blankies for 2-3 hours each night (we would tuck him in at 8pm and still hear him playing quietly around 10 or 11pm!)  So, we decided to cut out the 2-hour nap and now he falls asleep within a half hour of tucking him in each night :).  Colton is very excited that he gets to do quiet-time, just like his sister now.  So, in the afternoon, after we read his Bible story, instead of napping, Colton now plays quietly in his room for 90 minutes.  He is allowed to look at his books, play cars, do puzzles, play legos, or do anything in his room quietly.  He is only allowed to leave if he has to go potty.  With this new privilege comes the added chore of cleaning up his room all by himself after quiet time.  He has done amazing at this transition as well (it helps having an older sister who he has seen doing this routine since he can remember).  We started his quiet time with his door closed so he wouldn't be distracted by Summer playing in her room next door.  He requested to have his door open, and so under probation ;) I allowed him to do so as long as he didn't talk to Summer.  He has successfully obeyed the rules and is so excited to have this new privilege!  I am always thankful for the hour of quiet I get in the afternoon as well :).


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