Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hubby Date!

Now that Larkyn is eating solid foods, Paul and I can get out for longer dates without me needing to be home to nurse Larkyn.  On Saturday night, my parents gifted us with Wild hockey tickets (my dad got them from work and said they would rather babysit our kids than go to the game :) ) and babysitting!  Because the game wasn't until 8pm, we decided to leave early and have an afternoon AND evening alone.  As much as I LOVE our was wonderful to be out without them!  We left home after lunch and got home around 11pm - our longest time away since Larkyn was born!

We started out doing some local shopping - the kind where you can browse without being interrupted, slowly peruse aisles, and not watch the clock - AH - MAZ -ING ;).  Then we headed to see the ice castle in Eden Prairie where they constructed a large castle entirely out of ice.  Pretty cool!

our "cold" faces :)

They "grow" icicles and attach them to the castle
We then went to Mall of America for more shopping - AND - it felt good to walk indoors and warm up a bit!  We then headed to one of our favorites - Cosettas - for Italian food.

Paul loves their pizza and I love their mostocolli :)

The game was really fun including a Wild win, delicious dessert, hot chocolate....
And the perfect date to share it with!
A huge thank you to my parents for playing with the kids, taking them to a special dinner, giving them baths, getting them to bed, and loving on them :)


Jill said...

We were so blessed to have your kiddos during your date. Precious times.

The Baum Family said...

Looks like a blast!!!!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Looks soooo fun! Yay dates! And I've been wanting to see the ice castle, cool!

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