Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Roller Rink

We love going to our church's annual roller rink night!  Each time gets more fun!  The kids had a blast tonight and skated the entire time (except for eating a hotdog!).  Larkyn loved it too - she rolled around the rink on her own set of wheels (in the jogger stroller) and loved looking at all the lights and people.  Summer was especially excited that her friend Adry came and they were inseparable for much of the night.  I loved getting special chances to skate with each kid individually as well as watching them get better as the night went on.  Most of the pictures are a bit blurry, but they are still fun.  I'll include a few videos at the end.

All 5 of us with our wheels on - ready to go on the rink!


Summer and Adry

Summer and Adry

hotdog dinner!

The lil' brothers, Colton and Rylan
Some video...



S & C:

Summer and Adry:


Jill said...

I love reading this post each year and seeing the kids get bigger and more proficient on their skates. I'm very impressed that Paul seemed to be skating backwards to get these videos!!

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