Saturday, January 31, 2015

Larkyn 7 months!

Our Blessing 

Where does the time go?!  I feel like I was just writing Larkyn's 6 month post!  The word the first comes to mind when I think of Larkyn is BLESSING.  As I pray for her before bed, I thank the Lord for the blessing he has given us in allowing us to share in her cuddles and smiles.  As my friend from church described her, "She make me feel like a million bucks" ~ and I couldn't agree more.  When eye contact is made with this precious baby, the smile she gives is the biggest, most heartfelt, genuine, "I am SO glad to see you" smile that makes me stop whatever I am doing and want to kiss her chubby little cheeks.  I am smitten :).  Her older siblings are smitten as well - Colton affectionately calls her "my baby" or "Warkyn" and  Summer calls her "Larky Loo-Loo" and both kids love having her around and making her laugh.  Here are a few pictures/videos of our little doll this month. 


Daddy and Larkyn

Summer feeding Larkyn her first bananas

Colton's turn to feed Larkyn

dimple :)

crazy hair!

Hi :)

Mommy and Larkyn

Sharing a smile...

My fav :)


This little girl loves her daddy!

First graham cracker

Reading about the princesses :)

Grandma K and Larky

Auntie Kristin and Larkyn

Peek a Boo - Find the baby!

Playing with Grandpa T and the big kids
Seeing her first hockey game (Go Uncle Eric!)


Peek -A -Boo: Larkyn Distracting Mommy!
 I was TRYING to do my BSF homework when a little head kept turning around and grinning at me!  This is a tiny clip of what happened for about 20 minutes!!!

Summer making Larkyn laugh #1

Summer making Larkyn laugh #2

Colton loving Larkyn

Larkyn at 7 months:

While Larkyn doesn't follow a strict schedule, this is the typical schedule she was on this month:
7am: wake and nurse
9am: morning nap
11am: morning nurse
12:30pm: cat nap
1pm: solid lunch
1:30pm: afternoon nap
4pm: nurse
6:30pm: solid dinner
7:30pm: much needed bath :)
8pm: bedtime

Larkyn eats carrots, peas, squash, bananas, avocado, applesauce, rice cereal and oatmeal.  Her favorite is oatmeal and her least favorite is avocado.

Larkyn really only cries when she is tired or hungry.  While she has grown much  more stable this month, she still is too rocky to sit on her own.  She rolls to move, and gets herself "stuck" under things!  However she doesn't move more than a few feet from her starting position.

No sign of teeth yet, however I have THOUGHT she was teething multiple times.  She chews on everything!

Larkyn thinks her siblings are hilarious and will smile at anyone as long as they aren't wearing a hat :)

We love you, Larkyn!


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Oh, so cute! Love our Larky Loo!

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