Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer's Due Date....

As I think about what I was doing 3 years today (Summer's due date...I was running, walking, eating spicy food, and rearranging our bedroom furniture in hopes of getting her to come!), I enjoy reminiscing so many aspects of her arrival and getting to know our precious firstborn.  This past year has been my favorite as I have really enjoyed getting to know my little girl due to our (literally) constant conversation throughout a day.  She talks non-stop, and loves learning about her world, asking questions, processing information, observing small details and large, learning and loving.  Life is never boring!! 

At 3 years, Summer loves being outside, playing pretend, one-on-one time, cupcakes, and being the center of attention!  She is very nurturing with her dolls and stuffed animals.  She loves to pretend to be a Mommy.  She has an amazing memory, is smart, and learns quickly.  She is also a little girl, who, when she is first given a line/boundary not to cross, will put one toe over just to see what happens.  On the flip side, she is very trustworthy and responsible in a proactive way for someone of her age.  If I ask her to do or not do something and she says she will or will not do it, I know I can trust her (her conscience prompts her to tell all if she does do something wrong!).  She helps me remember to bring/do things that I might otherwise forget and really and truly is very helpful. 

There are definitely days where I just don't know what to do next to encourage our little spark-plug to be the obedient and caring person I know God wants her to be, but at the end of the day I cannot help but melt at her sweet prayer for "an obedient heart"!

Summer Tenleigh, I know God has great plans for you and he has blessed you so richly with so many strengths -- the ability to make people feel so loved and included, persistence, drive, natural leadership, charisma, and a passion and excitement for life!  Every morning when we pray together, I pray with you that you would come to know God at an early age, that you would have an obedient heart and desire to do right from the inside out, that God would prepare great things for you and that he would give you the wisdom to complete it to bring glory to his name, and that he would protect you physically and spiritually.  I echo these prayers as you begin your fourth year of life, and I want you to know that no matter what, I couldn't love you any more than I do!  Happy birthday (in 10 minutes) sweetheart!


The Baum Family said...

Love this Kel! You are such an amazing mom and an inspiration to me. Love you! And Happy Birthday Summer. Enjoy a special day celebrating YOU. Love you too big 3 year old! :)

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