Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer's Camera

Summer has been enjoying taking pictures with the little kid's camera she got for her birthday.  It even can take video too!  I thought I would share a few because I think it is fun seeing the world through her perspective!  Most of her pictures were random shots of a lamp, floor, person's leg, etc but a few turned out fun because you can tell a short person was taking the picture!!!

Here is one of the first video's she took all by herself:

After she took it, she climbed up in Colton's rocking chair to read him a Bible story, so I caught this one on her camera.  It makes me laugh listening to her randition of Adam and Eve!


The Baum Family said...

Love the video!!!

The Mac-Trans said...

Adorable!! "So, what happened was..." Hehe :)

Jill said...

Oh just love this. I love Summer's maternal voice when she tells Colton he did a good job in the video. Precious!

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