Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Summer!--Kid's Party

We had a lot of fun celebrating Summer's third birthday this year!  We kind of celebrated in four parts...

Part I (Friday morning): Double Kid's Party for Summer and Lilly at Burnsville Splash Pad
Part II (Friday night): Celebrating with our family of four
Part III (Saturday morning): First traditional breakfast in bed
Part IV (Saturday day): Extended Family Party

I will share lots of pictures and videos, thanks to my amazing photographers (Grandma K and Grandpa T) and videographer (Daddy)!

Part I: Kid's Party at Burnsville Splash Pad
Each kid got a bucket with bubbles, squirt gun, and scoop to play with in the water

Summer has been teaching Colton how to blow bubbles lately :)

Colton and Daddy played in the water while Summer helped me welcome guests :)

We were excited that Ms. Kristin and Kellen from church could come!

We love our neighbor friends, twins Noelle and Faith!  Their friendship is mutual, as the girls always look for each other to be outside playing so they can meet up for a playdate!  I often hear, "MOMMY!!!!!!!  Noelle and Faith our outside!  Let's go play!"

Summer and Eli love playing together.  Their daddies work together, and completed their last CFA test at the same time!

Adelyn and Ian are such fun friends for Summer and Colton.  (Colton and Ian did their 1 year birthday party together.)

Brandon is one of the first friends that Summer met at ECFE when they were both babies!  Now he goes to our church, too!

Max was Summer's "little brother" when he was first born when we babysat him a few times before Colton was born.  She practiced being a big sister with him :)

Summer met Shelley at the play area at the mall.  Even though Shelley speaks only Spanish, the girls love playing with each other and Summer always asks me to call Ms. Edita to schedule a playdate. 

Adry and Rylan are our jogger stroller running buddies and so much more!  We love living so close and doing lots of park dates and picnics!

Lilly was born just 1 day after Summer, in the same hospital, with the same doctor!  Lilly and Summer met through ECFE and have been friends ever since!  This is their second "double birthday party" as we Ms. Tara and I planned a similar double party for them last year!

Summer and Addison also met through ECFE and they share several "spark plug kiddo" characteristics which keeps both their mommy's on their toes!

Summer also met Sydney through ECFE and it has been fun to watch them both grow up from the babies they once all were!
 I don't think we got a picture of Ms. Leah and Emma, but they are special friends from church!  Emma is one of Summer's favorite friends to play with in Sunday school!

The fish fountain is definitely a highlight...

Colton loved it too!

Just playing in the water is so much fun!

YAY for water birthdays!
Summer's favorite part of the party was the special snacks she picked out for snack time!

What a fun group of people!  We are so blessed to have each of them in our lives!
Here is the last bit of singing to Summer caught on video...

Ms. Tara got Summer and Lilly each a HUGE piece of cake and a tiara for their birthday!

Summer was in heaven with all the frosting...and the special tiara!

Birthday girls, Summer and Lilly (along with Shelly pictured left)

Grandpa Kirkwood came too!

Grandma K took all these pictures for me, thanks Grandma K!


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You are so blessed with such wonderful friends to help Summer celebrate. We were blessed to be a part of the day.

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