Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Bits

There are a few things I want to document about lately...

--He now says MOMMA!!!!!!!!  Seriously, he has learned every word from soccer ball to hexagon, but finally last week (word #75 in his vocabulary?) he started calling me Momma (instead of Daddy)....and I LOVE it!
--He is officially done with his morning nap, and now takes just one a day around 1 or 2 pm.
--He is pretty good at his animal sounds and body parts, so now we are working on shapes and colors.
--This month he started testing to see what would happen if he disobeyed.  He has had several timeouts in the last week, and he is a quick learner.  His "disobedient" phase at 16 months lasted only about a week and he is now pretty obedient most of the time :-). 
--He is such a sweetheart, giggly, smiley, talkative, and so much fun to be with!

Summer continues to make me laugh with her ways of looking at life and expressing herself.

Summer playing wedding...
Summer: "I'm going to walk down the aisle"
Me: Where is your groom?
Summer: "Oh, he's home with the kids"

The world thru summer's eyes...
"Mommy? When I cough my body bounces."

Her first kid's sermon at church...
 Summer went up front two Sundays ago at church for her very first "kid's sermon"...she looked so big up there with all the other kids...After the pastor asked the group of kids, "What would you like to do for God?", she seriously announced to the church that, "I love my puppy." (She thought he was asking what she was thankful for like they do in Sunday School). I burst out laughing along with the rest of the church...

Summer has also been taking spiritual conversations to a new level and I am loving having conversations with her.

A few days ago at breakfast Summer asked if God was in the clouds...
Summer: Is God in the clouds?
Me: Nope, he is in heaven.
Summer: Where is heaven?
Me: I don't know, I've never been there!  But if you love Jesus you go there after you die.
Summer: There must be a lot of crosses in heaven.
Me: Not everyone dies on a cross, just Jesus!
(Her only experience with the word "die" has been in conjunction with the words "on the cross"!)

Today in the car our conversations went as follows:
Summer: Where is God?
Me: In heaven, but he is also with you all the time!
Summer: Is he with everyone?
Me: He is with everyone that asks him to be with them.
Summer: God, please be with me.  Mommy, is he in my tummy?  *Giggle*

Tonight at dinner our conversation was about Jonah from the Bible and how he had to have a really long time out because said "no" to God.  His timeout was three days long... 3 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  After he got out of his timeout in the whale then he obeyed God.  We talked about how Mommy and Daddy are teaching Summer obedience now so that when she gets bigger she will be obedient and not have big punishments like Jonah did.  She went on about how when she meets Jonah she will tell him about how he should be obedient.  I told her that Jonah lived a long time ago and wasn't around anymore.  She asked "Why not?"  I told her that people live as a baby, as Summer's age, as a Mommy, as a Grandma, and as a GeeGee and an older person but then, if they love God and ask him to forgive their sins and ask him to live in them, then they get to go to heaven and live with God.  She got a huge smile on her face and said, "God please live in me."  Sweetest thing ever!!!

* I have been praying that Summer would come to know the Lord at an early age ever since before she was conceived. I pray that the seeds of faith that are sprouting would continue to grow and flourish. Amen!


Jessi Brink said...

So wonderful Kel ;)

Jill said...

Great job teaching Summer, Kelly. I pray daily that Summer and Colton will realize theirr need for a savior early in life and live to serve Him.

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