Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doctor Appointments- Summer 3 year Check-Up, Colton 15 month Check-Up

This morning we went to the doctor for check-ups.  Summer LOVES the doctor, which makes it quite fun to go!  Because she went with me each month for my check-up when I was pregnant with Colton, she associates the Dr. with friendly people to talk to, a fish tank to look at, new books to read, and to top it off, a sticker at the end of the visit!

I like to schedule an early appointment because then there is less time for them to get off schedule...(some appointments we have had to wait up to 45 minutes to be seen), so today we scheduled it right when they woke up and I packed them breakfast to eat while we is great for keeping kids entertained and quiet at the doctor!

Waiting for the doctor
Summer now is taller than a yard stick!  Wow, my baby is growing :-).  She is 37 inches tall (42nd percentile)

She weighs 32 pounds (64th percentile)
She also got her blood pressure taken for the first time, but she didn't need any shots.  She did awesome and talked the doctor's ear off.  The very first thing she told Dr. Parkos that she was 3 now, and that 2 + 1 = 3...which made my "math-y" self laugh!

Colton does not care for the doctor quite as much as his sister....but we made it through!
He now weighs 25 lbs (75th percentile) and is 30.5 inches tall (82nd percentile).
In reality, he really only cried when he was weighed and during his shots...the rest of the time he was perfectly happy!  At least he is still cute when he cries....!


The Mac-Trans said...

Hehe..we went to the dr today too, and both my kids were the same ways! A was all bright and chatty, and I flipped out when he was weighed! :)

Jill said...

So thankful for the blessing of two healthy grandkiddos. :)

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