Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tommerdahl Weekend

Uncle Jordan lives in Colorado now for work and school, but he was coming home (to MN) for a wedding this past weekend, so we all piled into Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer on Battle Lake for a great 4 days of seeing everyone, fishing, playing, talking, eating, and more!  I am so blessed to have married into such an amazing family!

Paul, Me, Javonte, Grandma, Colton, Summer, Grandpa, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, Uncle Jordan, and Madison
Grandpa always captures such fun shots of the kids, so I asked him if I could, yet again, steal some of his pictures for our blog.  He graciously agreed :-)!  Thanks, Grandpa T!

Summer LOVED getting to see her Uncle Jordan

Colton's favorite of Grandma's toys was the big yellow dump truck.

The boys

Daddy and Colton walking around the campground

Playing on Grandma and Grandpa's deck
Summer is looking old!

Colton loved the slide.

Walking to the end of the pier

Looking at the water

Auntie Sarah!!!!

My cuddle bug

Love this pic of Javonte

Playing football with Uncle Ty

What a great looking group of guys!

Grandma and Summer

My boys at the beach




Riding the tricycle with Uncle Ty

Colton loves anything wheels

And loves anything with a ball

My beautiful Summer

She is getting really good at kicking and throwing

Love this family~!


Jill said...

Fantastic pictures!! What a wonderful visit for all of you! Yes, I agree that the pic of Javonte is really great! We love that young man. And, the one of Grandma T and Summer really showcases how much they look alike. :)

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