Monday, July 8, 2013

June 20-23: Obermayer Family Reunion

I am WAAAAAY behind on blogging because we have been been so busy traveling this summer!  I will attempt to catch up, however!

On Thursday June 20th, Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood, Summer, Colton, and I drove the 7+ hour drive to Chicago starting as soon as the kids woke up around 8am and getting in close to dinner time.  (Paul, Auntie Kristin, and Uncle Eric left after work and got in around 1am but I wanted to make sure the kids got a good night's sleep before the big weekend so we drove during the day).  It was a long, but good and uneventful trip.  I appreciated my parents driving with us so there were more hands to help out with the kids!  My mom snapped a few pictures ....

Grandma made some little trip bags for the kids with books, snacks, dvds, and little toys :)

Mommy and Colton stretching our legs

Grandpa and Summer stretching their legs
On Saturday, we met up with everyone for breakfast.  How fun it was to see everyone again! 

Cousin Amanda, daughter Jade (1), and Auntie Kristin

Mommy, Colton, Summer, Cousin Alison and kids Rowan (4), Cruz (3), and Cora (9 months)

Paul and the other husbands...Eric, Nate, and Roger

Gee-Gee (my grandma, our kids great grandma), Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood, and my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul (We missed seeing my Uncle Gary, Aunt Karol, and cousin Kendall who weren't able to make it)
After breakfast we went to the Shedd Aquarium.  Really cool!

Cruz and Summer "driving a submarine"

The group at the dolphin show
 That evening, the older generations went out for a nice, quiet, kid-free dinner ;) while the younger generations ordered pizza at the hotel and had fun "exploring" and going up and down (many times) the very cool glass elevator :-).  After the older generation came back from dinner, they stayed at the hotel while all our kiddos slept and we went out at played whirly-ball--super fun!

On Saturday, we took a few group pictures before setting off on our various activities....
Gee-Gee Obermayer gave the great-grandkids t-shirts that say "Gee-Gee loves me".   It sure made for a cute picture!  Thank you, Gee-Gee!

Rowan (4), Cruz (3), Summer (2), Jade (1), Colton (1), Cora 9 months

The gang :)
That morning we went swimming at the hotel pool

Near the Panera we ate at for lunch, there was a city celebration that included firetrucks and puppies to pet :)
 After lunch, we four cousins and our husbands went to a Cubs game while the Grandparents and Gee-Gee had the kids for the afternoon/evening.  Pretty impressive...they gave all the kids a great time, took them to McDonald's for dinner, AND got them all in bed!
Summer, Rowan and Cruz

Grandma Kirkwood (with Colton), my Aunt Nancy (with Jade), and my Uncle Paul (with Cora)

We four girl cousins were best friends growing up....we all grew up in Chicagoland, took swimming lessons and art classes together, and were awesome playmates.  How fun that all our husbands get along now too!  This is a picture of us at the Cubs game.
Buffalo Wild wings after the game :)
We all went to Gee-Gee's church in the morning on Sunday and then our family of four headed back to the Twin Cities to try to get home before bedtime while the rest of the gang stuck around for one last group lunch.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing family!  I especially loved getting to see my cousins who now live in Chicago and Arizona that we only see a few times a year, and I loved getting to see their kiddos too.   I love all of you!


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Love love love!!!! This was so much fun! Rowan and Cruz loved playing with Summer so much. Running through the hotel was their fav. :)

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