Thursday, July 11, 2013

Donuts, Dates, and Icecream

At this age, Summer loves and thrives on one-on-one time with Mommy (or any other special adult), so I have tried to make my one-on-one time with her more of a priority.  Last night I saw that a local city was having a dog show, which seemed like something she would love!  So today I took her on a little date, just the two of us.  We stopped first to get a donut-- a special sprinkles one-----and then headed to the dog show.  We also played at the nearby park.  Yay for dates!

I think the doughnut might have been her favorite part of our date....! ;)
Grandma Kirkwood had some special time with Colton while I took Summer on our date.  Later she snapped this cute picture of him eating his ice cream :-).

Ketchup + icecream =  the new hair gel....


Jill said...

My one-on-one time with Colton today was so precious. He is such a happy little guy. And, watching him eat ice cream was the highlight of my day. :)

The O'Connor Family said...

Yay for donuts and ice cream! :)

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