Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer's Boo-Boo

Today, Summer slipped coming down the stairs and bonked her head on the corner of the coffee table that holds our TV. It was a pretty deep gash, so after texting with Paul, I decided to bring her in for either glue or stitches in the hopes that she would not have a scar on her face. 

Excuse the food on her face.  I took this picture and sent it to Paul while he was eating breakfast when we were determining if we should take her in....

Summer was SUCH a trooper!  She didn't cry the whole time at the doctor and (if you know Summer) was busy talking the whole time, telling the doctors all the things that were happening, lol!  She had such great manners too, it made me smile, despite the situation.  Colton did well too, considering it was during his naptime that we had to go in, and I couldn't exactly hold him to keep him from getting into trouble when I was holding Summer's hand while they glued her half-inch cut back together.  He listened well (for the most part) when told not to touch things, and I was amazed that the morning went as well as it did.  Thank you, Lord!

Here she is busy reading books as we waited at the doctor's office.  What a trooper


The Mac-Trans said...

What a brave girl! Feel better!

Jill said...

Oh, it's so hard for this grandma to see Sweet Summer with such a booboo. So glad to hear how well the doctor appointment went. Give Summer a big hug from me.

The Baum Family said...

Poor Summer!!! Glad she's okay. :)

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