Monday, July 8, 2013

July 5-7: Our Anniversary Trip

We packed up and left my parents' cabin the morning of July 5th, leaving our kiddos to be spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa (see next blog post!), while we headed back to the Twin Cities to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  Our actual anniversary was 3 weeks ago on June 16th, but with it being Father's Day, we decided to wait and celebrate this weekend.

We stopped home to repack, and then headed to Ghengis Grill in Eagan for lunch.  Delicious!  We had fun "trying" to use chopsticks!

We then headed to Malt-Tees mini-golf. Paul won, but only by 6 points ;) due to 3 holes in one (stinker!).  We also visited their delicious malt shop--perfect treat on the 90 degree humid day!
 We then headed to our hotel to check-in.    We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis with a super great deal Paul found on Priceline.  We ended up on the 25th floor with a gorgeous view!

We explored the city and walked all over!  How fun to be out together, with no nap schedule to follow and no bedtime to be back for!  We looked at all the buildings, walked down by the river, and ended up at the relatively new Guthrie Theater building with really cool contemporary architecture.  The next evening was the opening night of Pride and Prejudice (which is one of my favorite books by Jane Austin).  We stopped in and signed up for the Under 30 program which allowed us to call-in for cheap Rush Tickets if anyone cancelled the day of the show.  I didn't really think we would get any on opening night, but it was worth a shot!  We then went to a late 9pm dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery and sat out on the patio--quite entertaining "people watching" in Minneapolis where styles vary tremendously!

On Saturday, we woke just in time to make it to our kayak tour of the Mississippi River that ended in downtown Minneapolis.  Gorgeous!  When we got back to the hotel, Paul called the Guthrie to see if we could snag any Rush tickets to Pride and Prejudice for that evening and they had 2 tickets next to each other that were just turned in!  So exciting!  In the meantime, we had a late rooftop lunch of delicious burgers at Crave and then walked through the skyways, leisurely looking and shops and talking.  We had free appetizers at our hotel and then walked to the Guthrie.  The building is awesome and it was fun to just look around!  The show was outstanding!  What a treat :).  After the show we picked up a pizza from one of Minneapolis famous pizza joints, Pizza Luce, to bring back to our hotel.  What a fun day!

In front of the Guthrie

On one of the Guthrie's observation decks
On Sunday, we had a free brunch at the hotel (as compensation because due to a loud neighbor at 3am we had to move rooms!) and it was seriously amazing!  Every possible breakfast food you can imagine + make-to-order omelets!   Definitely a highlight :).  We then headed to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for some fun browsing of historical and interesting art.  We had lunch at the Mill City Museum and toured there as well--absolutely fascinating!  We then headed to Famous Dave's in Woodbury where we reunited with our two precious kiddos and their grandparents, and heard all about their exciting adventures without mom and dad :).  It was a PERFECT weekend and what a blessing to spend all that time together with my amazing husband!  I seriously love him more EVERY DAY!  Happy 6th Anniversary, Honey!


tiffany said...

May God be glorified as you continue to love one another as He loves you. It is a great joy to see others making time for their marriages and for grandparents who make that possible! Happy anniversary to you both!

Jessi Brink said...

Yeah :) How wonderful to get away together and focus back on what happened 6 years ago! Congrats you two!

The Baum Family said...

How fun!!! You guys sure packed a lot in. Glad you had so much time to enjoy being together. :)

The Mac-Trans said...

You guys hit some good spots downtown! Congrats on 6 years! :)

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