Thursday, April 5, 2012


This weekend we got some new baby pine trees to plant in our backyard.  We fit 5 little trees and two medium ones in our little car, along with Paul, me, and Summer!  I couldn't even see Summer from the front seat to the back seat through the forest in our was pretty funny!

Paul trying to drive without being poked!

Summer next to one of the baby will be fun to watch them grow together!
We got a fun package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa T!  A double stroller!

Summer is getting more adventurous and independent at the park...she now enjoys going down the big slides all by herself.  She also learned how to ride the "bouncy horse" and make it move all by herself...she was pretty excited!

My favorite little girl, playing the triangle :)


The Baum Family said...

CUTE! I love how big the triangle looks next to her. :) The double stroller will come in sooo handy!

Jill said...

We loved our double stroller for you and Kristin. You will get sooo much use out of it. Yay for Grandma and Grandpa T.!!

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