Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Around Here

A few updates....

Mommy can carry Summer again
My doctor is the same as Colton's, so at Colton's 2 week appointment my doctor told me that I could carry Summer again!  (We were told I wasn't supposed to lift over 25 pounds while I healed from giving birth, and Summer is right about 25 pounds).  It was VERY hard for both Summer and me to have me not carry her, as I did so all the time before Colton was born.  I explained to Summer that "Mommy has an owie and when Mommy's owie is all gone, Mommy can carry you again."  At the doctor appointment, when my doctor said I could carry Summer again, I told Summer the good news and she exclaimed, "Mommy owie all gone, mommy carry you again!"  Here is a "re-enactment" :)

Summer "reading" to Mommy
Summer has an amazing memory, and will "read" her books to me, memorizing words on each page from when we read it last.  It surprises me because the words she remembers are not necessarily words that are pictured on the page.  For example, one of her favorite books right now is called "Sticks".  Here are the words on the first few pages, and then how she reads it...

"Trees hold their branches in the air"                    "AIR"
"After branches fall they are sticks"                      "FALL"
"I like sticks"                                                          "I LIKE STICKS"
"Sticks are for exploring"                                       "STICKS FOR EXPLORING"
"Sticks are for walking"                                          "STICKS FOR WALKING"
"Sticks are for carrying"                                          "CARRYING"
etc,etc, etc.....

Of course when I have the video camera out, she doesn't do it the same as she does when I am not video-ing (!), but her are two clips of her "remembering" words from the pages in her library books.

Colton's first tummy time
Now that Colton's umbilical cord fell off, he can spend time on his tummy to strengthen his neck muscles.  Summer hated tummy time and would cry right away if I put her on her tummy, so I was pleasantly surprised when Colton really enjoyed it!  I was also surprised that he can already lift his head up all the way all by himself.  I snapped two fuzzy cell phone pictures, but wasn't able to "catch" his head all the way lifted.  Never-the-less, they document his first tummy time!

 First Run
Summer, Colton, Tucker and I went on our first run since Colton was born yesterday.  It felt so good to get out, and Tucker really needed the exercise!  I love my new double jogger!  We went running with friends Rachael and Adry, and they stuck around to play "sticks" in our backyard and collect dandylions.  Summer and Adry were wearing the same coat and both had blond ponytails, and looked really cute together, so Rachael snapped some cell phone pics and let me "steal" them!


We both have orange sippy cups!

Rachael and Adry holding Colton (Adry will have a little brother in August!)

Summer LOVES collecting sticks!


Jill said...

I love hearing Summer's new sentences! And, good job, "reading", too, Summer!! And, Colton, good job with tummy time!!

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