Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am sitting here, snuggling my little sleeping blue bundle (typing one-handed!) and feeling overwhelmingly blessed!!!!!!!  I could not love my new little son any more and I love just staring at him!!!  God did a good job making this little guy :). 

I am soooo excited to be home again with Summer!  I missed her so much.  She is doing amazing adjusting to sharing her mommy so far and is an awesome "Mommy's Helper", getting things for Mommy and Colton and being patient when Mommy needs to help Colton.  We spent a long time this afternoon playing babies, doll house, and reading books together...Mommy, Summer, and Colton, while Daddy did a million things all over the house to get everything put away and in order (which makes me feel so much more relaxed!!!) since I am supposed to take it easy, rest, and not lift much.  Paul is the most amazing and thoughtful husband....he is always asking me how I am feeling and what he can do to help and takes such perfect care of us.  I love you so much, dear hubby!!! 

Paul and Colton watched the Twins game this afternoon while Mommy and Summer took naps.  We had our first family of four dinner together :).  Both of our moms left our fridge stocked with food and meals, laundry caught up, and our house cleaner than when we left!   Wow!

THESE and so many more reasons leave me feeling overwhelmed by blessings. 

Here are a few pictures bringing Colton home today....


The Baum Family said...

Aww!!! Sweet photos! So glad Colton is home. Hope your transition continues to go so smoothly. :)

Jill said...

Great post! Especially love Colton's face when he's in his car seat. Happy homecoming!

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