Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

This morning after breakfast we colored Easter eggs!  While Summer "helped" us last year, she was able to do a lot more this year!  Here are a few pictures and videos from this morning.

Getting Ready

First time coloring eggs....Daddy helping :).  I love the serious expression on Summer's face as she takes it all in.....!

Coloring eggs with Mommy

Getting the hang of it!

Enjoying story time with daddy! (The camera flash made her look at me instead of the book!)


Jill said...

I loved clicking on the link to see last year's pictures. Wow, she has really grown so much this past year. It's fun to see her be able to color the eggs this year!

Kay said...

Loved hearing Summer sing and color Easter eggs! I love that they were "all done" as soon as they made it into the cup:)Grandma Backman checks for your posts every day but hasn't figured out how to comment yet. It gives her something to look forward t

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