Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First day with just me and TWO kids :-)

Paul went back to work today....as much as I wanted him to stay home, I think it was even harder for HIM today after a great week of bonding as a family of four.  I wasn't sure exactly how things would go today as Paul has been a constant amazing teammate with two extra hands helping out EVERYWHERE---keeping laundry going, helping with both kids when they both needed something at the same time, etc.  Yesterday we did a 3 hour trial run as Paul did his volunteer work at church for a few hours in the morning.  Things were a bit crazy...several times both kids were crying at the same time....I think it has been a bit harder than I anticipated it would be for Summer to adjust to "sharing" Mommy, which has resulted in a bit more tantrums than I have seen in a while.

Never-the-less, I know many people were praying for me today and God SO answered those prayers!  It has been such a smooth day, and Summer has been better today than all week!  I think it is really good for her to get back into a "normal" routine of how life will be after we had such a  crazy/amazing/different/stimulating week with both grandmas and grandpas playing with her while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital, Daddy home being home this week, getting used to a new little brother, etc.  So, today we did just that: had a "normal" day.

Summer usually wakes around 7am, and Colton has been waking closer to 8am, which allows me to have a bit of "normal" time with Summer to get her up, read her Bible story, get her dressed, and have breakfast.  We chatted through breakfast like "normal" and then I got Colton and fed him.  We talked about what we would do for the day, and she was excited that she would get to see some of her friends!  After Mommy showered and got Colton dressed, we headed out to Walmart on our first errand together.  I got a great tip from a friend...park near a cart corral and then use the cart to bring the kids inside the store--great tip!  Here is a picture of our first Walmart trip :-)

Not sure where I will put all of my groceries when we do a bigger trip, as my kiddos fill up the cart!  Maybe it will keep me from buying too much ;)!!

After Walmart, we went to story time at the library.  Summer was so excited to see her friends Sydney, Lilly, and Leyla again.  Colton slept through the story time, so Summer got Mommy's lap all to herself as we sung songs and played.

We came home to feed Colton and Summer did a great job "reading" books to Mommy and Colton.  Then Summer and Mommy had lunch. 

After lunch, we got to try out the new double jogger and go for a walk to the park with Mommy's friend Rachael and Summer's friend Adry.  Here are a few pictures.

Awesome double jogger I got for Christmas...can't wait to take it for a run sometime soon!
Summer LOVES sticks!
Colton sleeping in the stroller
Summer petting Tucker
Hey look, a "flower"!
Making flower and rock piles together :)
We got home from the park in time for Summer's 2pm nap, and Colton fell asleep in the stroller, so I got some amazing quiet time to spend with the Lord reading Ephesians and thanking him for his blessings.  He has been SO good to us.  Praise the Lord!  To top it off, a friend from Mom's Club just dropped of dinner for tonight.  I'm feeling very blessed!


Jill said...

You are a wonderful mom, Kel. I had no doubt that Summer would adjust just fine and I'm glad to hear your first "normal" day went smoothly. I chuckled as I read your comment about finding room for groceries in the cart. It seems not that long ago that I had you in the front of the cart, like Summer and Kristin in the back, just like Colton. I remember stacking lightweight, soft foods like bread on and around Kristin. You enjoyed having small boxes next to you in the seat up front. Sooo glad you like the double jogger and yes, soon enough, you will be out jogging again. For now, it is a double walker :) I noticed your baby bump tummy is just about gone!!

The Baum Family said...

Sounds like a good first day!! Grocery shopping was always a challenge. I can't tell you how many times I had to go back into the store to pay for something that accidentally got stuck under the baby car seat. :) I think this is about when I started grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons during nap. The kids napped, Roger watched sports and I got a bit of alone time. :) You are doing such an amazing job!!!! Sounds like Summer is adjusting wonderfully. Can't wait to call and hear all about it when things get settled!!

Jessi Brink said...

When you actually need to get groceries you can put Colton in the handle part and Summer in the back ... It becomes a "fun" game to have the big sister organize the groceries :)

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