Monday, October 19, 2020

My Birthday

I turned a year older this month, and I loved celebrating with family!  I didn't do a good job of taking pictures, but I will share some ways we celebrated so I can remember :-).

The weekend before my birthday, Paul and I went hiking all afternoon at Lebanon Hills.  It was gorgeous weather and peak color.  Then we went out to eat at a Greek restaurant that was delicious!

I wish I thought to take a pic of more trees and of Paul and me, but this snap shot of the map and the above flowers  is really all I took!  But, we explored parts of this regional park we never had before, and I enjoyed seeing how all the parts of the park fit together, as we hiked the large loop that connects the whole map.

I love gyros and haven't found a way to make them at home yet, so this was a special treat!

On my actual birthday, the kids and Paul made and brought me breakfast in bed!  Since it was MEA, I picked to have a special date with each kid doing something we both love to do together.  In the morning, Colton and I went mountain biking and checked out a new (to us) trail.  

Then Summer and I did some shopping.

After lunch I went for a run (my favorite!).  Then, Larkyn and I cuddled and read books together.  

Colton had trail life that evening, so we didn't have a specific birthday dinner, but we did celebrate with my family that weekend (Olive Garden, YUM!) and with Paul's parents when we went to Fergus the following weekend (more in another post).  I love being with family - that is the best birthday present ever!


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