Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Celebrating Grandma T and Trip to Fergus Falls!

We went to Fergus Falls for the weekend to celebrate Grandma T's birthday!  While there we had so much fun sledding, hunting pheasants, eating, playing, carving pumpkins, and more!

The drive is SO easy now with 3 voracious readers!  Love this!

Grandpa and the kids made Grandma's breakfast in bed :)

Grandma and Grandpa gave me a gorgeous blanket and candle for my bday, and we gave her a sour dough starter and crock along with a Grandma apron with the kiddos' handprints.

The kiddos LOVE the dogs!  Cute pics of them cuddling...

Perkins Bday Dinner


Colton and a Pheasant Grandpa Got!

Colton and I both "walked" along and enjoyed seeing the boys and the dogs work!  The girls and grandma had a blast sledding!

Dotson's first successful flush!

Happy Birthday Grandma!  We love you!


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