Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer's First Gymnastics Meet

Summer participated in her first gymnastics meet yesterday.  It was really fun to watch her on the bars, beam, and floor doing "tiny" routines and getting a feel for what gymnastics competitions are like.  Groups from all ages and ability levels participated, however she competed against kids in her age/ability/class.  Each participant was scored by a judge, and awarded ribbons for 1st through 8th place (in her age group's small group) for each event as well as overall, however the main goal of the meet was to introduce the kids to gymnastics competition in a fun and encouraging environment.  With Summer's love of performing for others and loving to have people watch her, it was fun to watch her participate in an event that allowed her to individually perform for a crowd ;).  Here are a few pictures as well as videos of her very basic "routines".

She got 4th place on bars.
 Video of Summer on bars:

She got 7th place on beam.
 Video of Summer on beam:

Getting ready for floor
She did great!
 Video of Summer on Floor:

She was so excited to get 2nd on floor.

She placed 4th in the overall category.
 Video of Summer in awards ceremony:

With her group of gymnasts

Go Summer!

The family

With her super supportive and sweet lil bro.
Auntie Kristin, Teddy, and Grandma came to cheer on Summer too!

Thanks for coming to my gymnastics meet, Teddy!  Love, Summer
Watching the summer Olympics will be even more fun this year after this experience!  I can't wait to watch the gymnastics with Summer!

P.S. Summer lost her second tooth (the other bottom one) this week!  She already has her new big kid tooth coming in behind it (which pushed her baby tooth out), so there isn't a super big gap, but nevertheless, she has officially lost two teeth now!  The above pictures demo her first day with her new smile :).


Jill said...

So proud of Summer! She learned so much this year, and she always has a smile on her face! So much fun to watch her in her first meet!

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