Thursday, May 26, 2016

Larkyn Potty Training

We took the Monday- Wednesday this week, stayed home, and did an intensive potty training with Larkyn.  She has been showing signs of being ready for the past few months, but I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge into the work it would entail until this week.  My friend Jessi, who recently potty trained her son Carter (one day younger than Larkyn) was my biggest encourager and supporter as she daily texted me encouragement and tips!  We spent the first two days completely outside, with Larkyn running around the backyard playing in her underwear, pumping her with liquids, and watching her body's signals for when she was about to go.  Colton enjoyed his job of "clean up crew" and sprayed down anything that got potty on it with the hose ;).  Day 1 was filled with 20+ accidents and got Momma pretty tuckered out chasing around a very active Loo and running her to the potty :).  Day 2 was much better and the successes outweighed the accidents.  Day #3 was only one accident all day, including a dry nap, as well as her third consecutive day poop success.  Today was her first official day "doing regular life" in underwear.  Grandma K babysat while Mommy volunteered at Summer's school and Larkyn did a great job telling Grandma when she needed to go (big win!).  Tonight, at the kids' soccer game, I felt a little frustrated as she repeatedly told me she needed to go potty, but as soon as we got to the bathroom, she wouldn't go.  At first I thought she was just playing games, but then I realized she didn't like the public toilet.  Except for a tiny leak, she held her potty all the way until we got home and then went in her potty.  I guess we will have to work on the public toilet issue ;).  Anyway, we are not out of the woods on accidents, but we are well on our way to having our baby toilet trained - and that is VERY exciting!  Here are a few pictures of Larky-Loo this week as well as a video of her reading herself a book on the potty before she pooped (too cute!).

Both Summer and Colton have been huge helps.  Colton would read to her on the potty if I needed to do something and Summer helped to get her on the potty today when she needed to go while I was upstairs.

My friend Jessi told me to try a straw to encourage her to drink a lot (more potty to come out and get practice with!) and it worked!

Watching the DVD "Elmo's potty time"

Playing outside in her underwear ;)
 Video of Larkyn reading on the potty:


Jill said...

This girl is such a hoot! Her fun personality just shines during her potty training. She just cracks me up. Good job, Kel, with the intense 3 days. The results really show as Loo did such a great job today telling me when she had to go.

The Baum Family said...

Yay Larkyn! Love the three day method. I used it with the boys!! Congrats on having 3 big kiddos!!!

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