Sunday, May 8, 2016


Our soccer season started last week!  This year, due to the opposite scheduling of preschool soccer (Monday/Wednesday evenings right over dinner) and kindergarten soccer (Tuesday/Thursday evenings right over dinner) we made the decision NOT to have soccer EVERY weeknight, and instead decided to try signing up Colton for the kindergarten team with Summer.  We weren't sure how it would go, as they can be competitive with each other, and he is quite a bit younger, but we figured we'd at least give it a try as he would have more fun playing than sitting on the sideline.  If it didn't work out, we would pull him and sign him up the following season.  While the jury is still out as to how the season will go for him, he surprised me and totally held his own in both speed and ball control at their first practice.  He learned so much in his sports camp this past year and it shows.  It is so fun to watch how much fun he has playing!  Summer has been looking forward to playing soccer again ever since her season ended last year.  Both kids are excited that Paul is helping coach their team, and I love that soccer night is a family night (Larkyn and I are the super fans!).  Here are this year's Tommerdahl soccer studs ;)

I'll post more pictures after they get their team shirts and have their first game :)


Jill said...

Looking forward to attending some of their games this year!

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