Sunday, May 8, 2016

Summer Sparks Awards Night

Summer's last night of AWANA was on Wednesday.  She has done an amazing job of working through her first year book, book review, extra credit cards, and many bonus verses this year.  MY favorite part of AWANA is all the Bible verses she is hiding in her heart and watching them come back to her mind in times of application.  HER favorite part of AWANA is game time :).  I also loved watching her invite almost all of the girls from her class to AWANA as well as many neighbors and friends outside of school.  She brought a friend to AWANA with her more nights than she didn't, and I absolutely love her heart for wanting her friends to hear about Jesus.  I also loved the bonus of being her leader this year, as it meant I got extra time with her as, even though I know it is good, I truly miss her when she is at school all day :).  Anyway, here are some pictures of Summer at her awards night.  I am so proud of her!



The Baum Family said...

Love the pictures of you and Summer and the end! So cute!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Such special Mommy/Summer time! I'm thrilled that she is in Awana. Those verses are forever hidden in my heart. <3

Jill said...

So proud of Summer! Cute pictures! (I had trouble getting the video to work, though.)

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