Sunday, May 8, 2016

Random Pics

This past month or so has been so busy!  I have struggled to keep up this blog, largely because one of my tutoring students has been so time consuming as he is preparing for his AP Calculus Exam.  Anyway, life is finally starting to slow down a bit, because that student took his exam last week, and while I still have the rest of my students for one more month, my workload is cut probably in half!  I have so much more time in the evenings!  So, I am hoping I will be updating this blog a bit more often.  Anyway, here are a few pictures I never got around to posting...
I love when the three of them read together!

I love watching the three of them interact together!

Colton is SUCH a sweet brother!

Larkyn has so much personality and makes us all laugh!

Headed to the zoo!

How daddy SAID he dressed the kids for church while I was away on our church's women's retreat....;)


a favorite memory during this phase of life - Saturday morning pancake breakfasts (made by chef daddy!) we ALL look forward to it!

Kids with their bouquets of dandeloions they picked for me!

These two spend so much time in the sandbox!  I love that I can watch them from the kitchen.

First time the younger two came to have lunch with Summer at school!

Lunch with Summer at school!

Summer's school had a fundraising carnival - the kids and I ran a duck pond game (Paul ran a wheel of fortune game).  The kids did a great job!  Colton took tickets, Summer gave prizes/stamps, and Larkyn swam with the duckies...(or tried to...) :)


The Baum Family said...

Love all of these pictures! SO fun to see what you all have been up to! :)

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Your little fam has too much cuteness packed into it! =)

Jill said...

Love all of these pictures. The one of Colton and Larkyn walking just steals my heart.

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