Saturday, March 26, 2016

While Parents are Away, the Kids Play!

We have amazing grandparents!  While Paul and I were in Mexico, the grandparents tag-teamed the babysitting and the kids had a total blast!  From Thursday morning until Monday afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa T did everything from getting the kids fed and dressed and ready for school, to gymnastics, to sports camp, piano lessons and on top of all that, having lots and lots of fun!  Grandma and Grandpa K came on Monday to hang out with the kiddos until we got home from our late night flight.  A HUGE thank you to our amazing grandparents !!  We love you! 

While we don't know ALL the fun things that went on while we were gone, we do know that the kids got to eat a lot of their favorite foods, go to the park, play outside, go to Como Zoo, play hair salon, and more!  Here are a few pictures we came home to, along with some cute videos they sent us while we were away!

One of my favorite parts was getting videos from the kids.  Grandma and Grandpa were so creative and the kids did a newscast about their day.  Here are the videos we received:


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Those videos are awesome!

Jill said...

These pictures and videos are great. Hard to pick favorites, but Grandma and Grandpa T.'s hair-dos are way up there on the list. :) Looks like everyone had a blast!

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