Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Family Fun Nights

Our Family Fun Nights for March included:

1) Paper Airplane Night
2) St. Patrick's Day Green Night
3) Easter Egg Decorating
4) Boys Vs Girls Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt

Paper Airplane Night

For Paper Airplane Night, we each made and decorated our own paper airplane, and had fun flying them around the living room!

Here are some fun videos Paul did in Slow Motion of us flying our airplanes...

St. Patrick's Day Green Night

For St. Patrick's Day Green Night, we ate lots of green food, including stir fry with lots of green veggies, green jello, and green sparkling juice with sherbet.

Easter Egg Coloring Night

Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt

For our Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt we split into two teams, boys vs girls.  We each took a level of our local Burnsville Mall and attempted to take a picture with the following items:

1) Something Silly


2) Something Red

3) The Letter P


4) Someone Eating


5) Standing next to a mannequin


6) A cashier giving a thumbs up


7) A Hat


8) An Animal


9) A Ball


10) A Triangle


11) A Wheel/Car


12) Bonus: the letter Q

We then had dinner at the food court...

And rode the glass elevator up and down!

This was one of my favorite family fun nights yet!  Everyone could participate, we all had fun, and we made great memories!


The Baum Family said...

Love the mall scavenger hunt idea! That would be a hit with my clan. ❤️ Love seeing all these happy faces

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