Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Break

Summer was on spring break this week.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE having her home - it feels complete when all my kiddos are with me!!  I totally soaked up all the time with her but it still went too fast!  I already can't wait for summer vacation to have her home again all day long :).  Besides relaxed breakfasts and lunches together with good talk time and lots of Easter story reading, as well as playtime and reading, we enjoyed going to the zoo, to an airplane hanger, Build a Bear at Mall of America, organizing rooms, playing in a giant snow storm, and watching Herbie the Lovebug, an oldie but goodie movie (about adventures with a VW bug car that is also a racecar) that I loved as a kid, and the kids enjoyed just as much!


We all got a kick out of this fish trying to eat Summer's nose!

At a hanger with airplanes and memorabilia from WWII

The kids got to climb in and on some of the planes

Colton heaven :)


Love cuddling with these two for a movie date while Larkyn napped :)

So. Much. Snow!

Warming up with hot chocolate!

Sisters Reading :)

Grandma and Grandpa K gave the older two kids Build a Bears gift certificates (kids get to pick a stuffed animal and their clothes and stuff it with stuffing/make it and more) for Christmas, but Grandma and Grandpa waited until Summer's Spring Break to take the kids.  They had such a fun time!

Summer chose a rainbow bunny and an Elsa dress

Colton chose Marshall the dog from Paw Patrol
I  loved every minute of spring break with my three favorite kiddos!


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