Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter with the Kirkwoods

This year, we celebrated Easter with the Kirkwoods/Bjorklunds at my parents' house in Woodbury on the Saturday before Easter.  The highlight of the day was that it was our first holiday with a cousin!  It was also the first time Summer, Colton, and Larkyn got to meet Teddy.  Here are some pictures (thanks mom!) of our day.

Our first moments in the door - we all rushed to see Teddy!

Auntie heaven!

Summer holding Teddy

Summer helping feed Teddy


Summer brought along her bunny "Lovey Elsa"

Colton brought along "Marshall the FireFighting Dog"

Larkyn the fashionista...;)
Uncle Eric and Larkyn

Easter Baskets!



Delicious Turkey Dinner and Fixin's!

Larkyn and Teddy

Larkyn and Teddy hand size difference

Uncle Paul and Teddy :)
Mom and Dad, thanks for hosting Easter and for all the delicious food and more!  We love you all!


Jill said...

It was a blessed day! (And, I promise I was there even though I'm not in the pictures. I'm usually on the other side of the camera.) ;o)

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