Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our First Nephew!

On Tuesday, March 8th, at 3ish in the afternoon, we received a text with this picture...

Theodore James Bjorklund
I couldn't stop looking at it and was beyond excited to rush to the hospital immediately and meet my first nephew!  We packed up dinner for the kids, picked up Paul from the park and ride, and headed to the hospital.

Because Teddy was born a month early, he unfortunately had to spend 10 days in the NICU.  Unbeknownst to us, one couldn't enter the NICU without an updated flu shot, however if we went to Walgreens and got one, they said we could come into the NICU!  My wonderful hubby brought three sad cousins home for bed (no one younger than 12 could enter the NICU) and my mom and I ran to Walgreens to get the fastest flu shots we could (we only had an hour before the NICU closed visiting hours!)
Got our flu shots just in time!

Meeting Teddy for the first time!

I love you Teddy!

The following evening, Paul drove to get his flu shot and see Teddy!

I loved spending an evening with my sister in the NICU and holding Teddy while Paul held down the fort at home.

Teddy is now at home, however we have been very careful not to let the kids see him until everybody was healthy.  For three kids 5 and under, that can be tricky!  However, TODAY the cousins got to meet!  The pictures are on my mom's camera and were part of our Easter celebration, so I will include them in the next blog post :).

For Teddy's birth story and LOTS more pictures, click here to check out my sister's blog!


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Thanks for all your love and excitement!!! <3

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