Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer - Soccer!

Summer is ECSTATIC to be on a soccer team this year!  She and Daddy have practiced a bit in the yard and went out together to pick out her size 3 ball, cleats, and shin guards :).  Summer is playing in the preschool league for Valley Athletic Association (VAA), which is a 2 month season running from May through the beginning of July.  She has practice on Monday nights and games on Wednesday nights.  She also happens to have the most handsome and fun coach ever... Coach Daddy :).  Daddy played, reffed, and coached soccer all growing up and is now embracing the new challenge of coaching preschool - which is definitely a different sort of coaching!  It is so fun to watch him do all sorts of creative games with the kids as well as watch Summer love EVERY minute!  I am so in love with both of them ;).  Here are a few pictures from their first practice.  They don't have their T-shirts yet, but when they do, I will post a picture!  Her first game is next week Wednesday.

My big girl!

Listening to coach Daddy

Practicing with Coach Daddy

Larkyn hanging out at the fields

Colton driving his alligator truck along the field

"Mommy, take a picture of my alligator"

Mommy/Son "Summer fan club"

Ready for first scrimmage

Summer touched the ball a few times in the scrimmage :)  She is very fast but not very aggressive when it comes to taking the ball away from other kids :)

Summer (far left) running after the ball

Water break!  I am so proud of her attitude, obedience to "Coach", and the joy she exudes on the field.  She not only said she loved it, she also LOOKED like she enjoyed every moment!

 And here starts a new era...I am now officially...a soccer mom...with a minivan... :-)

****A little sad sidenote***
After a year and a half full of many infection/healing cycles of Summer's pierced ears, we had to take out her earrings.  The kids are not allowed to play soccer with earrings in, and when we took them out tonight, we knew that since they were not yet healed and were infected yet again, they wouldn't be able to heal again if we took her earrings out and put them in twice a week for the next two months.  :(  I wouldn't be surprised if, with her love of jewelry and accessories, someday when she is older she will choose to try and get them pierced again, but in the meantime, I am sure she will make up for her lack of ear jewelry with all of her other accessories!


Jill said...

Absolutely love these pictures. Summer is just too cute in her shin guards and shoes. Coach Daddy must be loving this! Fun to see Colton playing with his alligator truck from Florida. Larky-Loo always smiles. :) Oh, so sorry about the earrings. :( Yes, maybe when she is older.

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Ditto to Mom =)

The Baum Family said...

So fun! Summer looks so grown up! How fun to play soccer especially with Daddy as coach!

Jessi Brink said...

So fun Kel! We just signed Hannah up for RAAA summer soccer on Tues/Thurs in July/Aug. Should be a great time :) This will be Hannah's first ever organized anything!!! Fun!

The O'Connor Family said...

She is SO cute, Kel! Love her in her soccer gear!

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