Monday, May 4, 2015

Javonte Confirmation

This past weekend we road tripped to Fergus Falls to attend Uncle Javonte's confirmation.

It was really awesome to hear how much he and his classmates have memorized and how they proclaimed the truth of the Bible by memory to the congregation on Sunday. 
Javonte is the handsome guy in the bright blue shirt, standing next to the gal in the flowered dress

Javonte did a great job answering his questions and reciting his verses.

I think my favorite part was watching Summer's face during the service - she was riveted on every word they said, listening to every Bible verse with utmost attention!  So adorable.  Colton...well...he made it through the service reasonably quiet and a little wiggly :).  Larkyn happily chattered in the back with Daddy so as not to disturb the confirm-ants!  We all went back to Grandma and Grandpa T's house for a cookout lunch and enjoyed hanging out with various family members who all came to support Javonte.

On Saturday we went to the zoo, had 4 wheeler rides with Grandpa, and played with all of Grandma's fun toys.  Colton especially loved digging in the sandpile with the construction vehicles and Summer loved Grandma's play kitchen.  Here is a picture of  the carousal the kids rode on at the zoo - all 3 kids had perma-smiles the entire ride!  Larkyn's face was ADORABLE to watch!  As she rode up and down and all around she looked at all the lights and people and literally loved it!

Larkyn's first carousal ride at the zoo
Grandpa T took some other pictures, so check back as I will add them when I get them :)


Jill said...

LOVE the pic of Colton with his Lightning McQueen and Dusty pillows. The picture of Summer made her look so grown up! Larky-Loo always smiles. :) Congratulations to Javonte on his confirmation! Sounds like a wonderful celebration of what God had done in his life!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Ditto to Mom =)

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