Monday, May 4, 2015

Larkyn 10 months!

Larkyn Emery, 10 months
We just got back into town from a wonderful trip to Fergus Falls to celebrate Uncle Javonte's confirmation (more on that later), and I have a bit of blogging to catch up on!  Our littlest is now 10 months old already!  Here is a little about out Larkyn at 10 months...

Larkyn rolls around and plays in her crib now, which means she falls asleep in a variety of different positions :).  She sleeps roughly 8pm - 7am, takes a morning nap around 9am, and an afternoon nap around 1pm.

Larkyn finished her first year at BSF this past week!  She had wonderful teachers who told her Bible stories and sang to her!

Larkyn's loves bath time and had her first "big tub" bath :)
Larkyn is the process of getting her first tooth (her bottom right)!  Daddy spotted it 5 days ago, and it still hasn't fully popped through, although I can feel it with my finger.

Larkyn has officially dropped to 1 nursing a day - just when she wakes up in the morning.  She continues to eat the pureed version of everything we eat like a champ.  Bananas and potroast are least favorite foods while anything Italian or chicken seems to be a favorite.  Her favorite snack is Cinnamon Maple puffed snacks, and will never turn them down!  She is doing well with a sippy cup, figuring out how to drink out of it, but still needs help getting it "tipped" right for the liquid to come out.

Larkyn is much more interactive this month, which the kids and I both love!  She can (when she chooses to!) clap, wave, blow kisses, say DaDa, reach her hands up for "How big is Larkyn, SO big", blink, mimic actions, and make her silly face.  She still remains so easy going and smiley.  I love her giggles!

Larkyn still moves by rolling everywhere!  No sign of crawling yet...but she can get wherever she wants to!

Boppin to the Music
Larkyn had her first bout with stomach flu this month.  That, combined with teething, made for a "slightly" fussy Larkyn (she was still pretty happy in comparison, but just fussy compared to herself).  Daddy figured out that a particular Kids Bop CD almost always cheered her up, and she loves to bop to the music.

Morning Nap Routine
Larkyn goes down for her morning nap at 9, and my big breakfast eaters (seriously they each eat yogurt, toast, oatmeal, eggs, and several bowls of cereal!) are usually still at the breakfast table at that point.  After I get Larkyn all cleaned up from her breakfast, the older two love saying, "Goodnight Larkyn, we love you!" as well as throwing in silly things like "Goodnight little honeycomb" or whatever silly phrases they choose for that day.  LArkyn always gives them a huge smile and waves as we head to naptime and it is so cute!  There was really no way to get a good video of this, but I tried just so I could remember it!

Easy Going
The kids both LOVE playing with Larkyn!  Both of them love smothering her with kisses, talking to her, playing with her, etc.  They don't always know how to be gentle or play with her, but they try various things and love making her laugh.  Thankfully Larkyn is very easy going and loves all their attention.  Here is a little video of Summer trying to play with her little sister...and shows how easy going Larkyn is!

Blowing Kisses Video

How Big is Larkyn Video

Diaper Baby


Jill said...

Oh, so much adorableness!!! You captured some wonderful moments and milestones!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

That little girl is SOOOO loved. What a doll. (I like the blowing kisses! Haven't seen that yet! =)

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