Monday, May 25, 2015


We had a free day on Wednesday, since BSF is over, and I asked the kids what they would like to do!  Out of many options, they picked to go hiking at Lebanon Hills.  I love that they love it as much as I do!!

These kids love exploring, collecting, taking pictures, observing, learning, and hiking.

One memory on this hiking trip was searching down the White Egret who would land near the path in several places along the hike.  The kids and I kept trying to sneak up on it to take a picture, but when we got close it would fly farther down the lake path!  Our fourth attempt, Summer ALMOST had the picture, and then Colton tripped and started screaming and of course it flew away!  Quite the moment! 

The kids loved taking pictures - of the lake, of the flowers, of everything!

Love this pic - standing together, in their hats, taking a pic of the lake.

We saw SO many different kinds of flowers - so beautiful.  Summer is so observant and notices all the things around her!

Big boy

Taking a picture of Larkyn and me!


My littlest hiking buddy

The kids love collecting rocks along the hike and throwing them into scum covered swamp near the start of the path - the "ploop" when the rocks fall in and make the scum spread is pretty entertaining ;)


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