Thursday, September 4, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Summer and Colton started the fall session at Swim Wise today!

My two fish :)
Summer has officially been taking swimming lessons for one year!  Last year was her first lessons with Ms. Sara, and while she has always been my water baby, she was so scared to get her eyes wet and jump in the water!  After months of weekly lessons, many tears and pep talks, and many great teachers at Swim Wise Swim School who gently pushed Summer to overcome her fears, Summer now loves to swim!  She is doing amazing and I can't believe the progress she has made. After 1 year of being in the same level (Mini Dolphins 1), she officially graduated to Mini Dolphins 2!  Today was her first day, and she was THRILLED to find out that Ms. Sara (her teacher during her first session) was her new teacher!

Summer and Ms. Sara
Summer is not only jumping in by herself, but she is growing in her ability to swim without any floaties.  Here are a few videos my mom took (I am so grateful she comes to swimming each week to help out with the kids!)...


Colton started swimming lessons with Mommy in March in the Parent-Child class.  We started lessons with him a bit earlier (at age 2) than with Summer to try and avoid some of the fears that Summer experienced with the water.  Well, Colton "graduated" this week too, and is now in Dolphin Pups 4, which means that he gets to do swimming lessons all by himself (just like Summer!).  Mommy still needs to have her swimsuit on, since Colton is so young (and be ready to jump in if needed), but Colton now learns from the teacher without Mommy in the water!  I will get video of him in the next few weeks and share it.  He did great on his first day with Ms. Sandy. :)


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