Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preschool/Tot School, LIbrary Story TIme, and other Randomness :)

When I am feeding Larkyn in the middles of the night, I will often find new/cool activities I can't wait to try with the kids and file them away on my phone.  Last night I printed off a bunch for both kiddos and tucked them in their school folders.  This morning they both excitedly scrambled to get their supplies when I told them I had new things for them to do :).  I'll share what we did below, along with a link to the worksheets I used, as I know some of you that read this blog have told me that you are interested in doing similar things :).

Summer's activity working on the words "if", "in" and "it".  We sounded out the words, and then she had to look for them and color each a certain color.  At first I had her use crayons, but it took a while.  Then we used dot markers and she liked it a lot better!  Her activity looked like this:

The free worksheet can be found at this link.  You have to create a user name (it takes only a few seconds if you only fill out the required information), and then you have access to tons of worksheets on TeacherPayTeachers.com (some are free and some are available for purchase).  I would say it was a great activity, especially with the dot markers.

For Colton, we worked on matching upper and lowercase letters.  He was able to match M, O, and P all by himself, and then we matched N, Q, and R together.  He has grown so much since last year!  It is fun to see him actually draw a line between two things now!  He also naturally started tracing over the letters, which was fun to watch!


Since we got the dot markers out for Summer, I had him color match his letters second way to practice (i.e. I said to put a blue dot on both the N's, and put a pink dot on both the M's, etc.)  It was a perfect way to review. His activity looked like this:

There are 3 "drum" worksheets like this that include all the letters (this was the perfect number for Colton to do in one sitting - any more would have been too much), as well as 3 other theme worksheets that look just like this found here (just scroll down to the middle of the page for this one).  I printed off all 9 of them that we will work on intermittently throughout our year.  Definitely a winner activity for my kiddo anyway.

Both kids were able to work quite independently while I made their lunches, and then we headed off to library story time!  Our library puts on a half hour weekly song and story time each week, with different themes, letters of the week, and interactive songs and dances.  We all love it!

Fun to be back at library story time!

Both kids love playing with the magnet letters in the play area,

doing puzzles,..

playing on the computers...
And of course filling up the bag with lots of new books to bring home!  Since I had to feed Larkyn right after story time, the kids found their own books, brought them to me to "check if they were good", and Summer even talked to the librarian all by herself  to ask for help finding the Bearenstein Bear books and books on birds (one of her current questions is how do birds fly ;)! )

This was Larkyn's first library storytime (I started going with Summer when she was about the same age!) and Larkyn stayed awake the whole time listening and watching!

Our favorite neighbors moved away, but we LOVE scheduling playdates with them!  They met us at the library for storytime, playtime, and a picnic lunch.  Love these guys!

A few other randoms of late...

Mommy-Daddy dates (After kiddos are all tucked in!) often includes popcorn...Tucker is hilarious and will sit perfectly still with this face, waiting for a piece to drop!

We went to the Burnsville Fire Muster Parade on Saturday - Larkyn's 4th parade, but first one awake!

We went to a friend's house after church on Sunday to watch the game.  Kellen and Colton were so cute in their jerseys!  Colton has a Percy Harvin jersey (from a consignment sale!) but he is excited because Percy is was of his favorite trains from Thomas the Train so he thinks that is the Percy on his back!  ;)

Larkyn "watched" the game from Daddy's lap

Summer helped me find the "jungle" playmat that both the other kids played on when they were little.

Larkyn loves it!  (and usually one or both of the other two kids is found playing in it with her ;) )

Love this face!

Its getting cooler out!  All 3 of us girls wore denim jackets so we decided to take a picture!

The boys!

Summer is such a little ham, and I love her little smile..this video captures it so well...she was "rapping" her question of whether her wrapper should go in the garbage or the recycling...

We are excited - tomorrow is the first day of BSF!! :) 


Jill said...

Great post. A few random comments: Larkyn's cheeks might be catching up to Summer's at that age.....Tucker is ridiculously hilarious.....Larkyn looks so big in S and C's jungle.....I just love my adorable grandkiddos. Okay, that's all. :)

The Baum Family said...

Cute post! So exciting that BSF starts tomorrow! We have one more week before our bible study starts. :)

tiffany said...

It is always a blessing to see mama's with the desire to be intentional parents (something that seems to be very natural for you but has not been for me). Whether you continue to school them at home or send them on to a classroom setting, your kids will be forever blessed to have had a mama who takes the time to teach and play. Blessings!

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