Friday, September 5, 2014

Larkyn 2 months!

I'm TWO months old!
 Larkyn was 2 months on Tuesday!  Here is a little video of some of her wiggles and smiles at 2 months :).

This week, Larkyn had an exciting week, including...

some great tummy time...

...watching her brother and sister race cars down a track.

I just love her face!
Watching a concrete mixer pour our new driveway (more on that in the next post!)
Playdate with friend Carter who is just one day younger than her!

Her first hairbow!

Practicing sitting up....

All by herself!  (for a split second ;)!)

And standing!
 This morning we got up to go to Larkyn's 2 month check-up.  As usual, she was greeted with lots of love by her adoring brother and sister :).

Good morning, Larkyn!

She had lots of big smiles for her siblings!

Happy girl!

Larkyn gets lots of cuddles and love from Colton...

He truly is so sweet with her!

Summer loves to pick her outfit to match Larkyn

She is so good at holding her little sister!

Unfortunately, she was awoken from a comfy nap to get weighed :(

Two Month Stats:  
21.75 inches tall (14th percentile)
10 lbs, 6.5oz (22nd percentile)

She was much happier cuddling with Mommy again after her weigh in!

Big Sister stayed nice and quite during the appointment reading books

Big Brother also did a great job during the appointment, staying nice and quiet so Mommy could talk to Dr. Parkos
The kids hung out together on the doctor table waiting for Larkyn's THREE shots :(

She was so happy and smiley!

Love these three!

Mommy and Larkyn have snuck in lots of extra cuddles today after her shots.  Sweet girl.  We love you Larkyn!


Just for fun...

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Well aren't you a doll, Miss Larkyn!? :) Can't wait to meet her.

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