Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer

We had such a fun 3-day weekend at Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer this past weekend!  All 12 of us were able to be there which was so great.  Highlights included getting to see Jordan and Madison who came from Colorado, going to the air show, going fishing, playing games, eating great food, catching up and just being together!  I feel so spoiled and blessed to have married into such an amazing family who showers so much love on our kids (and me too!).  Thanks to all of them who texted/emailed me pictures - I have quite a few!


Colton wearing Grandpa's hat

Snuggling with Auntie Madison

Uncle Jordan and Auntie Madison got to meet Larkyn for the first time :)
Uncle Jordan is so great with kids of all ages :)

Auntie Madison loved holding Larkyn and did so much of the weekend!

Colton playing with Grandma and Grandpa T's tracks/cars (which he did MUCH of the weekend.

 I like this picture because I think Colton looks JUST like Paul from the back here!

Grandma T got lots of books from her library for Summer to read...and Summer went from person to person asking them to read books to her!

Walter and Bode

On Saturday we went to the air show, which had tons of cool planes both on the ground and in the air

There was even a little plane Colton could climb in!

Love Colton's smile!

Fun to watch many of the planes take off and land in the strip right in front of us

The 3 Tommerdahl brothers and Colton

Summer spinning with Auntie Sarah

Paul spinning with Colton

Uncle Jordan snapped this picture of Colton praying before a IS indeed how Colton prays everytime, and I love that Jordan captured it!

Celebrating Uncle Javonte's birthday


Uncle Ty played beanbags with the kids

Larkyn - side profile

Grandpa T captured many of Larkyn's faces...Larkyn face #1

Larkyn face #2

Larkyn face #3

Larkyn face #4

Larkyn face #5

Daddy - Daughter

The kids loved playing in the kiddie pool...and!...Grandma's hostas!

Of course the hose was a huge hit ;)


Auntie Sarah and Larkyn

My favorite little boy - looking so grown up!

Uncle Ty and Larkyn

Grandma with a VERY full lap ;)  Reading to the kiddos!

Colton held his fish all by himself...

until it wiggled out of his hands...and this was his face! LOL!

Helping Grandpa drive the boat

Thumbs up with Uncle Jordan!

Summer's fish!

Cute princess fisherwoman :)

Big catch ;)


Playing under the table with Auntie Madison

A trip to the trailer is not complete without a stop to Granny's Pantry for icecream!
The older two were great travelers on the way home, watching DVD's together.  Larkyn was a bit fussy on the way home...but we made it ;)
What a great weekend!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa T for all the great food and for having us all up for the weekend!  We love you all!


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Oh man so MANY precious pics!! I miss those babies! Need some snuggles soon.

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