Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer's Extended Family Birthday Party

This past weekend our extended family gathered at our house and showered love on our four-year-old.  We are so incredibly blessed to have all this family in our lives!  Here are some pictures of our celebration.

Our family was extremely generous with our little princess!

Princess Castle from Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood

Dollhouse furniture from Grandma and Grandpa Tommerdahl

Barbie Clothes from Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric

A pink razor scooter from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty

The birthday girl chose spaghetti, garlic bread, fruit, and salad for her birthday meal.  Summer prefers her spaghetti with no sauce, so I made chicken cacciatore for the rest of us to top our spaghetti with :)

The group!
 Singing to Summer (Video)

Summer picked a strawberry shortcake theme cake this year


Grandma and Grandpa T and Javonte stayed with us all weekend - and got some special morning cuddles in!

Auntie Kristin getting some Larkyn snuggles

Grandma T and Larkyn

The many faces of Larkyn :)

Our "nephew", Walter, came to celebrate too!

Auntie Sarah and Larkyn

Summer sweetly let Colton play with her new doll car :)

Love this pic of S being sung too :)

Happy 4th Birthday from all of us, Summer!
*Special thanks to Grandma Kirkwood and Grandpa Tommerdahl from whom all these pictures are from!


Jill said...

What fun it was to watch the birthday girl enjoying the festivities so much. And, what a sweet girl she was to share her new toys with Colton.

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