Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer 4 year Stats

We had Summer's 4 year well-check this morning.  She made me smile!  Because of all the appointments for myself and Larkyn recently, to Summer, the doctor is merely a place that gives you stickers (absolutely no fear involved), and today she got to be the center of attention, getting weighed, measured, and sitting on the "throne" ;). She chatted the doctor's ear off, as usual, and couldn't have made it any easier on her Momma!

Summer weighed in at 36 lbs (59th percentile) and 39 inches (34th percentile), and grew 3 inches this past year!

All 3 kids did great.

Summer talked away answering all the questions during the check up ;)

Great job, Summer!


Jill said...

Hmm, am I surprised that Summer chatted the doctor's ear off?? NO! :) She is such a bright and articulate little girl. Praise God for her healthy body and for a heart given to Him. God is already using her outgoing personality to draw others to Him.

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