Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer's 4th Birthday - Kid's Party

While Summer doesn't officially turn 4 until tomorrow, we had her kids' birthday party yesterday (Friday) morning.  We combined celebrations with several of Summer's friends (who all have a 4th birthdays within a 3 week span of each other).  This not only made the celebration more fun, but also made the planning job for us mom's much easier as we divvied up the tasks!  Here is the picture from the invitation - a picture of all 5 of the girls at Summer's 1st birthday party.  How fun that they have known each other since they were babies!

We held the party at Nicollet Commons Park, (a.k.a. Burnsville Splash Pad) where there are lots of fountains, small pools, and fun areas to splash and play in the water.  Then we had snacks/cupcakes and a pinata.  It was the perfect set up and a beautiful day!

Birthday girls - Summer, Noelle and Faith (twins with late July birthday)
Birthday girls - Sydney (August 10th bday), Summer, and Lilly (August 4th bday)

Colton was the perfect little brother - excited for all the festivities for his big sister!

Larkyn hung out with Grandpa Kirkwood for much of the party :)

Love this picture of Colton!

Mommy and the birthday girl!

Snack time favorites - blueberries, strawberries, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, and cupcakes!

Love these moms and their kiddos!

Paul had one of his busiest weeks at work this week and we weren't sure he could make it to the party - but he surprised us and came  straight from work.  Love this guy!

Little brother enjoying the cupcakes!

Birthday girl chose chocolate!

Summer requested a pinata for her birthday and Daddy and she had a date to go pick it out ;) She chose a princess one!  This kind of pinata you don't hit with a bat, but rather there are several strings hanging down from the pinata and one of them releases the door to let the candy out.  We had the 5 birthday girls each take a few strings and pull them all at the same time to release the candy.  It worked perfectly.


Gathering candy from the pinata

Grandma Kirkwood took all these pictures for me (thanks Grandma!)

It was so fun that Grandpa Kirkwood could come too!

This family would definitely not be the same without our Summer Tenleigh!  We all love you, sweetheart!


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